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Turtle Thoughts-November 27, 2015

Draft Little Miss Cornbread Logo TEMP for website and social mediaWell, I’m back. Amylou Wilson here again after a long hiatus. All I can say about that is this: Regular work takes a lot of my energy. You know, the full-time job that I love and that keeps the lights on, the fires burning, the water running, food on the table, gas in the car, clothes on my back, health insurance. You know the drill.

The good news is that a new (old) project is back on the burner and in process. The working title is “Little Miss Cornbread.” My sister, Susan Jane, sketched the draft logo you see here. We have a fabulous logo created by Sara Schmidt and we’ll unveil it soon. Needless to say, I’m thrilled about it and more will be revealed in the coming months. I will simply say that the book contains recipes (gluten-free and vegan) based on Southern food, tastes and smells that we love and appreciate. The idea is to present the new versions, provide the old recipes, and then to perhaps entertain with some fictional stories by me at the end of the book (something along the lines of “Calling the Dogs.”) This part of the book is not set in stone yet. We shall see.

It’s an endeavor that’s been long in the making and may be still, so bear with us. And stay tuned. By the way, it’s important to note that Ginny Masullo is helping with recipe testing and editing. I hope you’ve been enjoying time with loved ones. I treasure all the good that’s come my way and I stay mindful and grateful for all the universe has bestowed. Until later …