Turtle People

Susie Photo for websiteSusan Jane Wilson (a.k.a. Carmen Suzanne) lives and works in San Francisco where she spends her days writing, singing, cooking, meditating, reading, practicing hypnotherapy, walking, attending concerts, throwing small dinner parties, and enjoying life. She’s a child of Louisiana and loves Southern food dearly. But when she moved to the West Coast and became a massage therapist, her lifestyle changed. Many of the dishes she loved didn’t fit into her healthier lifestyle. She wanted to taste and smell the dishes she remembered from childhood, but do it using gluten-free, vegan recipes. Little Miss Cornbread took flight then and she’s been flying ever since. The book in process, of the same name, will hopefully see the light and be ready for purchase in 2016.

Ginny Maginny-masullo-083110sullo is a writer, sometime painter, and retired registered nurse. She lives in the Ozarks, where her preferred tools are pen, paddle and hoe. She is coauthor of the cookbook Eating Healthy in the Fast Lane (Yarrow House, 1990) and author of Closer to Home, Poems (Yarrow House, 1999), and Help is Hope Turtle Lake Press, 2014). A freelance journalist, she has published numerous interviews about writers and poets. She is a founder of the Ozark Poets and Writers Collective.

dotneelyDot Neely can do just about anything (okay, that’s Amylou talking). She’s an Earth Science educator, a champion of our “Spaceship” planet’s natural life support systems and water resources, an artist, a tire changer, a fabulous pie maker, and basic all-around good gal.  Dot once plied her trade as an intern exploration geologist, in addition to having owned and operated an art graphics and screen-printing business. Lately, she picked up where Susan Idlet (another great creative force and designer) left off and contributed her page layout skills to help bring our first Turtle Lake Press project to fruition.  Help is Hope benefited significantly from her expertise.

amyAmylou Wilson is a sometime freelance writer, fulltime public affairs professional, and founder of Turtle Lake Press. She lives on Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with one roommate and three beloved dogs. She is an active member of the Ozark Poets and Writers Collective, which sponsors a monthly reading at 7 p.m. the last Tuesday of the month (except in December) at Nightbird Books. Want to know more about Amylou? Read her short story Calling The Dogs (Arkansas Literary Forum, 2002).  This story is loosely based on growing up in Ferriday, Louisiana. Childhood included a plethora of hunting beagles who responded to dog calling and are fondly remembered. There are a few more stories and she may publish them herself someday, maybe right here on this website. We shall see. We shall see. We shall see. … .

Sara Pic for TLP websiteSara Schmidt equals great design. She designed the Turtle Lake Press and the Little Miss Cornbread logos. We appreciate her so much. Her experience includes founding her own magazine, raising a fantastic family and more. We love Sara! She also designs brochures, posters, magazines, trade show banners/booths, TV graphics, web graphics and social media imagery. She describes her style as “clean, friendly, organized, and consumer smart.”

Donna Pic for TLP websiteDonna Hamilton takes the cake, literally, when it comes to providing consulting advice and support. She has years of experience to back it all up. She introduced us to Sara Schmidt. We are forever grateful to Donna! Donna is President of Image Builders LLC, based in Fayetteville, AR.