Turtle Thoughts-December 22, 2016

122216-photo-with-lmcOkay. Good news. Bad news. Good news? We have a second book, Little Miss Cornbread: Our Journey to Southern-Style Vegan and Gluten-Free Cuisine & Sort-of-True Short Stories. The bad news?  It’s already December 22 and we still have no actual books in hand to sell. So, it isn’t available for holiday sales. (Sad face.) But we have big plans for sales in 2017! For one, we want to make people smile as they read down-home stories (aloud at dinner parties, I hope), while they eat well!!! So here’s the first fun idea: You host a “Little Miss Cornbread” party. (Offer limited to five parties initially, so email me now!) Here’s how it works. Contact Amylou at hattiemcneil@hotmail.com and tell her your plans, including the date and time and contact/link for the event. Tell Amylou so she can publicize on Facebook and Susie Jane can publicize on http://www.littlemisscornbread.com. Cook a few items from the book. Share yummy food with people who attend your Little Miss Cornbread party. Tell people how to buy the book online from this website. Meanwhile, you will have your signed, one-of-a-kind copy in hand to show off. That’s your reward! A free book, healthy food and great stories, and Susie Jane’s and Amylou’s eternal thanks! How’s that for a plan?