Turtle Thoughts-December 27, 2016

cornbreadAs of today, Dec. 27, 2016, Little Miss Cornbread: Our Journey to Southern-Style Vegan and Gluten-Free Cuisine & Sort-of-True Short Stories is published! Visit your local bookstore or order a copy online. We want people to smile as they read down-home stories (aloud at dinner parties hosted by you, I hope), while they eat well!!! We have five parties available. One is already taken. A party means you set a date. Tell me (hattiemcneil@hotmail.com). You will be mailed (or delivered, if local), a free, signed book to reward you for hosting the party. (If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area or the San Francisco area, I or my sister may be able to set dates with you so we can be there in person.) Invite friends, make one dish from the book, and books will be for sale on site, if possible or via the website. Don’t forget to also visit author Susie Jane’s Little Miss Cornbread website.