Turtle Thoughts–December 29, 2016

vegan-second-line-jambalayaYum! This Vegan Second-Line Gumbo, a recipe crafted by sister Susie Jane Wilson, is featured in Little Miss Cornbread: Our Journey to Southern-Style Vegan and Gluten-Free Cuisine & Sort-of-True Short Stories. It goes nicely with the regular cornbread or the vegan, gluten-free cornbread. While eating, have your host or the biggest “actor” in your dinner party read aloud “Lee Catherine and Billy Joe Go To the Picture Show,” one of the short stories that’s featured in the book. The action takes place in an old theater in the 1960s (and in the woods where no one can see) in a small town in Louisiana. Think young, hot love, the movie “Psycho,” craw-fishing and first kisses. Visit your local bookstore or order the book online. Don’t forget to also visit author Susie Jane’s¬†Little Miss Cornbread¬†website. She’s adding new recipes all the time. Traditional and reworked versions for folks who prefer vegan, gluten-food. Later baby! Amylou signing off.